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08:30 - 17:30 / closed on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays


  • CORE / Lamination Ring Cores

    Permalloy (Ni80% alloy) with good investment rate is processed and heat treated to be used as ZCT (image transformer) CORE for ELCB, GFCI, and AFCI

  • CORE / Wound Toroidal Cores / Permalloy Cores

    It is a core wound in a toroidal shape by stripping a material with high investment rate (Ni80%, thickness 0.07~0.1mm) and is mainly used as a CT core of a large-capacity ZCT core and an electronic wattmeter as the non-error rate and phase angle are close to zero even in a low current region (100mA).

  • CORE / Wound Toroidal Cores / Slicon Steel Cores

    It is used as a transformer core, an electronic motor protection relay (EMPR, EOCR), and a core for current sensors, using excellent straightness characteristics and high saturation points.